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Geyser replacement and new geyser installation. Geyser mechanical servicing.

Hot  & cold water leaks

Pipe work

Plumbing of pipes above ground/ pipes below ground. 

Drainage maintenance and Installations.

H2O Back-up

Water pump and water back-up system.
Drainage maintenance and Installations. 
Plumbing for sanitary installation and water supply services.

Heat Pump

heat pumps are cutting edge technology renewable energy water heating products.Installation & Maintainance.

Solar Heating



Planning for runoff, maintaining stormwater systems, and regulating the collection, storage, and movement of stormwater.

Water leak/ burst pipes

There are no guarantees regarding the pipes, it is possible for any joint to start leaking This is especially true if the pressure moves up and down in your system.

Blocked toilet or sink

If you do experience a blocked drain in gauteng, here are some tips for dealing with the issue:

Use a plunger to try and dislodge the blockage

Blocked drain

We offer a no fix no fee drain unblocking service, meaning if we can’t unblock your drain, we do not charge you a penny.